Application Notes

Notes to support the Completion of the Grant Application form

  1. Applicants can be individuals or organisations.
  2. Please see the website identifying the Round number appropriate to the date of your application.
  3. This should be a five or six-word phrase identifying your project, including country of origin e.g. Anti-Female Genital Mutilation campaign, Gambia
  4. How much money are you asking the Trust for? The Trust can award grants of up to 15,000 pound but in practice it tends to offer much smaller awards as it receives so many applications.
  5. In this section you should describe your project. We want to know not only what you want to do but how you plan to do it. For example, if you are planning to train volunteers we want to know how they will be selected as well as the details of the training you are planning. Similarly, if you are planning an event how will participants be identified and/or the event be publicized. Projects often fail to get funded because they provide insufficient or poor detail in relation to this question.
  6. What is the total budget of the overall project? We ask this because sometimes applicants are asking Feminist Review Trust to fund a small part of a larger project. The Trustees like to know where this is the case.
  7. Have you also applied to other bodies for funding for your project? Have you been offered funding by other bodies?
  8. Please provide a detailed breakdown, in sterling, of the costs for the various activities of the project the Trust is being asked to fund. If appropriate please also include a summary of the overall budget of which the application is a part. We are not able to process applications that are not given in sterling.
  9. The Trustee would like to know if you have prepared a full and realistic budget for your project. We often offer partial support for projects so it is helpful to know if there are discrete elements of your project.
  10. We want to know how important the Trust funds will be for your project. Explain carefully what cannot take place or continue without Trust funding, if this is the case?
  11. Since our funds are limited, we are concerned to ensure their longer term impact. Most applications do not consider this carefully or fully enough.Sustainability is obviously different for an interventionist project, a one off event, a campaign, or a training project.  Some possible questions to consider are:

    – how will the impact of your activities be carried forward beyond the lifetime of the project
    – what are you trying to achieve through your long term objectives
    – how does the activity you propose fit into your other objectives
    – how might the project sustain other groups
    – have you considered dissemination of the lessons learned
    – how does the project help with capacity building beyond its lifetime
    – how would you assess the effectiveness of your project

  12. Please suggest two independent referees. Please provide their job title or position in an organisation, where applicable. Please do not use referees from your organisation in the case of organisations applying for funding.  Please check that the referees you nominate are willing to provide references and please check that you have provided the correct email address. We do not have the resources to follow up inaccurate information.
  13. Individual applicants should submit their CV(s). Include them in the main body of the application form. Do not append CV’s.
    Organisations who apply should include information about their organisation including annual report. We like to understand the size and scale of the organisations who apply to us for funding.
  14. Previous applications do not affect consideration of new bids.
  15. The Trust can only accept electronic applications.


If you have any other queries please contact